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CourseBuilder wasn't updated after Dreamweaver 8. Rapid Intake took over management.

Now with the new Adobe eLearning Suite, we have the return of CourseBuilder as an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 as part of the Suite.

Does the extension work with just any copy of Dreamweaver CS4? I have tried to install it on non-eLearning Suite versions of Dreamweaver CS4, but to no avail.

UPDATE (September 18, 2009): I now find that it does install and operate. Due to update? Sunspots? Good luck? I also tried the older versions (above) in CS3 Dreamweaver and found that they work, but not the new CS4 version (version 5).

I found:

CourseBuilder extension showing file location

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS4\eLS\SupportFiles\CourseBuilder

Adobe Extension Package File
2,403 KB

Then I found:





  1. ACCC Seminar :: Web Quizzes with Dreamweaver Attain  (1999)
    1. examples
  2. Tutorial and Article Index   (CourseBuilder Extensio Support Center)
  3. CourseBuilder For Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4
  4. Learning Site Command for Dreamweaver 4
  5. Tutorial and Article Index
  6. TechNote Index
  7. Scoring and Tracking
  8. Planning tips: Web-based training development   (03/27/00)
  9. Activity: Using Macromedia CourseBuilder to Create a Quiz for your Web Lesson


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