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Web Accessibility and Section 508


  1. Accessibility for 508
  2. Text Alternatives
  3. §1194.22 (a) Offer Text Equivalents   JimThatcher.com
    1. HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives
    2. Creating Accessible Images  Alternative Text
    3. HTML5 Accessibility Chops: title attribute use and abuse
      1. title attribute use and abuse examples
    4. Image ALT Tag Tips for HTML
    5. longdesc vs D-link query
    6. Text Descriptions for Formulas, Graphs, and Maps
    7. On writing better captions for images
    8. Labelling Forms, Images and Links - Screen Reader Compatibility
    9. Accessible Image Sample Book
    10. Introduction to Image Description
    11. Infographic Accessibility: Text is text
    12. Long descriptions for images – part 1
    13. Text alternatives for images: a decision tree
    14. Writing text alternatives for maps
    15. Text alternatives for images: some examples
    16. William Gibson   [All Image no Alt]
    17. What is the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)?
  4. Check Accessibility (Jim Thatcher)
    1. Testing
    2. Test for Yourself
    3. Assistive technology compatibility tests
  5. Navigation  Accessible In-Page Navigation (Jim Thatcher)
    1. Navigation: You Are Here
    2. Links and accessibility
    3. GSA 508 Tutorials, Guidance, Checklists
    4. Skip Navigation
    5. §1194.22 (o) Offer Skip Navigation  JimThatcher.com
      1. Back to Basics: Skip to Main Content Links  (Terrill Thompson )
      2. Why Motor Impaired Users Need Skip Links
      3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      4. Best practices for the audio description of live events
      5. Dropdown Menus Test Page
      6. Headings Navigation
        1. Using Headings for Content Structure
        2. Quick tips for accessible headings
        3. Using Headings for Content Structure
        1. Using headings to improve accessibility
        2. HTML/Usage/Headings/h1only
      7. The Quick Guide to Writing Link Text
    6. Frames
    7. §1194.22 (i) Supply Frame Titles (attributes and elements)  JimThatcher.com
      1. Creating Accessible Frames and Iframes
      2. Frames and iFrames
      3. iFrame accessibility and usability issues
      4. HTML Frames Examples
      5. Color Laboratory
      6. The web Page From Hell
      7. Jacob Nielsen: "Why Frames Suck (most of the time)."
      8. ALT.HTML: "Why are Frames so Evil?"
      9. Web Design Group: "Guide to Frame Usage."
      10. What's wrong with frames?
      11. Guide to frames usage
      12. Welcome to FrameShop!
    8. Accessible Links
      1. Hide the Link!
      2. Click here  (Jim Thatcher)
      3. Mystery meat navigation
        1. Mystery Meat Navigation: Recent Examples
      4. Links and Hypertext   (WebAIM)
  6. Image Maps (Jim Thatcher)
    1. Server-Side Image Maps
      1. §1194.22 (e) Provide Redundant Links for Server-Side Maps  JimThatcher.com
    2. Client-Side Image Maps
      1. §1194.22 (f) Use Client-Side Image Maps  JimThatcher.com
      2. Seth's Head Image Map
      3. Image maps (W3C)
      4. Example Client-Side Image Map  Example
      5. Web 2.0 Image Map  view as Web 2.0 svg  Example
      6. Image map with added JavaScript  Example
      7. The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!
        1. The Zero Million Dollar Homepage
      8. Poor Person's Image Mapper   swoop.jpg    elliottco.gif
      9. What's Wrong with Image Maps?
      10. Mapedit!
  7. Audio & Multimedia  (Jim Thatcher)
  8. §1194.22 (b) Present Synchronized Multimedia  JimThatcher.com
    1. ADA Video Gallery
    2. Heart Attack Warning Signs    
    3. Examples of Rich Media  (National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) )
  9. Special Cases (Jim Thatcher)
    1. Color
    2. §1194.22 (c) Remain Independent of Color  JimThatcher.com
      1. We are Colorblind
        1. Examples
      2. Colour Contrast Analyser
      3. the background colour of this page...
      4. Colorblind Web Page Filter
      5. Colour Blindness Simulator  Etre (online tool)
      6. Facility Toolbox Main Page
    3. Color Contrast
      1. Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer
      2. Making the Screen Easier to Read
      3. Color Contrast
      4. Colour Contrast Check (online tool)
      5. Colour Contrast Analyser       download   
      6. Color Contrast Analyzer (online tool)
      7. Fujitsu ColorDoctor  (online tool)
      8. SSB Bart Group Color Contrast Checker   (online tool)
      9. The Paciello Group Contrast Analyser  (online tool)
      10. WebAIM Color Contrast Checker  (online tool)
      11. Index of Color Contrast Samples
      12. Sonogram
    4. Flicker Rate
    5. §1194.22 (j) Reduce Flicker  JimThatcher.com
      1. TV Cartoon's Flashes Send 700 Japanese Into Seizures (Published: December 18, 1997)
      2. Photosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (PEAT)
        1. User Guide
        2. Information about Photosensitive Seizure Disorders
      3. Animated gif images
      4. Your Lucky Day?  BAD example, this could cause a problem!
      6. ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ `^^^^^~ ░ ui▀┳╲ ☺ .info
    6. Timed Response
      1. §1194.22 (p) Alert Users to Timed Responses  JimThatcher.com
        1. Response Times: The 3 Important Limits
        2. Position Paper: Use of Extended Time
    7. Text Only Alternative
    8. §1194.22 (a) Offer Text Equivalents   JimThatcher.com
      1. Text-only news sites are slowly making a comeback. Here's why.
      2. Text Descriptions for Formulas, Graphs, and Maps
      3. William Gibson   [All Image no Alt]
      4. What is the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)?   (.pdf or .doc)
      5. Nebraska Department of Roads
      6. The National Science Foundation
      7. Textise: The text-only internet tool
      8. Audible.com
        • In an effort to enhance the accessibility experience for our customers, we have created a page to more easily navigate the new experience, available at the web address www.audible.com/access
  10. Accessible Forms  (Jim Thatcher)
  11. §1194.22 (n) Design Accessible Forms  JimThatcher.com
    1. Website Forms Usability: Top 10 Recommendations
    2. Creating Accessible Forms
    3. Forms in HTML documents
    4. Forms Accessibility
    5. Advanced Accessibility for Forms   [ LEGEND and FIELDSET ]
    6. Accessible Client-side Form Validation with HTML5
    7. 17.10 the FIELDSET and LEGEND elements
    8. Test of the <optgroup> Tag
    9. Don’t Put Labels Inside Text Boxes
  12. Accessible Tables  (Jim Thatcher)
  13. §1194.22 (g) Label Row and Column Headers  JimThatcher.com  Data Tables (Headers)
    1. Tables in HTML documents
    2. Tablin: an HTML Table linearizer
    3. WAI HTML Table Linearizer Entry Form
    4. Table Navigation Script
    5. Creating Structured Tables
    6. Tables 
  14. §1194.22 (h) Use the Headers Attribute in Complex Tables  JimThatcher.com  Data Tables (Markup)
    1. Tables in HTML documents
    2. NetMechanic's Design Accessible Tables
    3. Table Navigation Script  (Requires JavaScript)
    4. Examples of tables and statistical graphics
  15. Scripts and Applets  (Jim Thatcher)
    1. jQuery UI Accessibility Analysis
    2. Accessible jQuery-ui Components Demonstration
      1. Download the latest version of this demo as a zip file  (2Mb)
    3. Accessible jQuery UI DatePicker
  16. §1194.22 (m) Specify Accessible Applets and Plug-ins  JimThatcher.com
    1. Accessibility Statement Generator
    2. Writing an accessibility statement
    3. How to write an effective Accessibility Statement
    4. Accessibility Statement Generator
    5. PEAT's Accessibility Statement
    6. Accessibility Policy National Cancer Institute (NCI)
    7. Website Accessibility Statement City of Bloomington, IN
    8. Accessibility Statement  Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs
    9. Web Accessibility Statement  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    10. IHS   Plug Ins Section
    11. Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
      1.   File Viewers
    12. File Formats used on CDC.gov
    13. cms.hhs.gov: Help File Formats and Plug-Ins
    14. Erie County, Ohio
    15. Corporation of Shepherdstown, West Virginia: Forms And Instructions
    16. Adobe Reader
    17. Office Online File Converters and Viewers
  17. Style Sheets  (Jim Thatcher)
  18. §1194.22 (d) Stay Independent of Style Sheets  JimThatcher.com
    1. Accessible CSS     (WebAIM)
    2. Cascading Style Sheets And Accessibility
    3. Notes on accessible CSS image sprites
    4. CSS Background Images and Accessibility
    5. Accessibility Features of CSS
    6. Idaho State Board of Medicine
  19. The 508 Provisions    (WebAIM)



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