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Class Content:

Lesson 1: Authoring Content in HTML

  • Topic A: Web Development Standards
  • Topic B: Create an HTML Page
  • Topic C: Apply HTML Attributes

Lesson 2: Embedding and Linking Content

  • Topic A: Embed Content within an HTML Page
  • Topic B: Link HTML Pages
  • Topic C: Create Image Maps

Lesson 3: Formatting Content with CSS

  • Topic A: Apply Style Sheets to HTML
  • Topic B: Use CSS to Create Multiple Column Layouts

Lesson 4: Authoring Complex Content Structures

  • Topic A: Author Table Content
  • Topic B: Construct and Format Forms

Lesson 5: Testing and Publishing HTML Content

  • Topic A: Identify and Correct Structural and Compatibility Problems
  • Topic B: Make HTML Content Accessible
  • Topic C: Publish and Deploy Web Content

Appendix A: Additional Technologies Related to HTML5


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