Hamfest - 2018

A Hamfest is a convention of amateur radio enthusiasts, often combining a trade show, flea market, and various other activities of interest to amateur radio operators (hams).

"It is not unknown for a seller to ask more for a single part from the box than for the entire box, the intent being to have less stuff when it's time to go home than the seller arrived with. Larger old items are often referred to as boat anchors with the suggestion that they are obsolete and of such low value that this is the only use left for them. Numerous jokes are based on this concept, and some sellers will tie ropes to handles, or post signs on especially large and heavy items seeking customers who own aircraft carriers. Regular attendees often visit their first hamfest in search of some piece of equipment, but end up returning due to the social aspect."

"Local" to Shepherdstown, WV Hamfests

10/7/ 2018 CARAfest
Date: Sunday, October 7,

Howard County (Maryland) Fairgrounds
Columbia Amateur Radio Association  www.carafest.org 

12/08/2018 | Third Annual SantaFest, Cheltenham, MD
Prince George's County Emergency Radio Association & American Legion