Text for Dreamweaver Class using: "Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book" Publisher: Adobe Press; 1 Pap/Dvdr edition (June 5, 2010) ISBN-10: 0321701771 ISBN-13: 978-0321701770 ================================== p. 23 Welcome to my first web page p. 24 3 Making web pages is fun and easy! p. 25

Making web pages is fun     and easy!

p. 25 2

Welcome to my first web page

p. 26 and easy! p. 27 HTML Basics for Fun and Profit p. 29

Welcome to my second page

Making web pages in Dreamweaver is even more fun!

p. 30 13 more p. 30 15 HTML Basics, Page 2 p. 42 Default style sheet for HTML 4 http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/sample.html CSS basic box model http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-box/ Image: http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/WD-css3-box-20070809/#various p. 60 2 greenstart.html p. 60 4 Get a green start with Meridien GreenStart p. 60 1 It's Easy Being Green with GreenStart p. 63 Copyright 2010 Meridien GreenStart, All rights reserved p. 64 GreenStart banner p. 94 GreenStart Logo p. 96 Home | About Us | Contact Us p. 97 Green News Green Products Green Events Green Travel Green Tips p. 101 Insert caption here Insert main heading here Insert content here Copyright 2010 Meridien GreenStart, All rights reserved p. 134 Get a fresh start with GreenStart p. 138 GreenStart Association - Add Title Here p. 139 GreenStart - green awareness in action! p. 140 When shopping for groceries, buy fruits and vegetables at farmers market to support local agriculture. p. 165 Green Tips to Save Money and Energy p. 167 Contact GreenStart Association p. 170 Green Events and Classes p. 198 4 Bike to work to save gas p. 198 5 We practice what we preach, here's Lin biking to work through Lakefront Park. p. 199 Elaine, Meriden GreneStart President and CEO p. 201 Sarah, GreenStart Events Coordinator p. 203 Eric, Transportation Research Coordinator p. 206 Lin, Research and Development Coordinator p. 210 Matthew, Information System Manager p. 212 Green buildings are top earners p. 212 2 Buy local to save energy p. 225 Click to learn about Meridien GreenStart p. 229 Return to Top p. 263 Steam locomotives are not very green Some modes of transportation are more eco-friendly than others. At Meridien GreenStreet we do the research and report on the best ways to get around town. p. 208 2011 Eco-tour of Italy p. 285 Join us for an exciting tour of Italy in 2010. Click here to sign up. p. 291 I perfer window seats p. 293 2011 Eco-Tour Sign-up Form To sign up for the 2011 Eco-Tour, please fill out the following fields: p. 300 An email address is required. Please enter a valid email address. p. 301 Your Contact Information p. 302 Your itinerary and travel plans can be accessed online using the email address you entered above and a custom password. In the following fields you can set up and confirm your password. Your password must contain at least 8 characters, as least two of them numbers, such as: "password12". p. 303 Customer Account Login p. 304 Three tentative dates have been selected for the 2011 Eco-Tour. Please select the date(s) you prefer: p. 305 March 6-27, 2011 tour 1 June 5-26, 2011 tour 2 October 2-23, 2011 tour 3 p. 306 How many people will be traveling? p. 307 Please choose the number of travelers. p. 308 Requirements and Limitations p. 309 Please enter any personal travel requirements or limitations. How would you like to pay? p. 311 2011 Eco-Tour p. 312 Email Tour Request Clear Form p. 314 email_form.php ================================ Form Reply Address http://www.dhark.com/cgi-bin/perl_form.pl ================================ p. 315 Thanks for signing up for the 2011 Eco-Tour! A Meridien GreenStart representative will contact you soon to set up your 2011 Eco-Tour. Thanks for your interest in GreenStart and Eco-Tour! p. 315 - 318