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Adobe Captivate (2019 release) Update 5 Release Notes 

  • 21 October 2020
  • Windows build numbers go from or or or to

Ease for Beginners. Speed for Professionals with these new features:

Quick start projects with ready-to-go slides
Conquer the challenges of getting started with eLearning, and quickly creating good-looking courses. Design beautiful eLearning content in minutes with the all-new responsive Quick Start Projects, which are a complete set of slides required for any eLearning course.
Simplified branching workflow
Cross the hurdle of creating multi-module eLearning courses by authoring branching logic without programming. Download ready-to-go branching slides from the asset panel and swap out the content in different slide groups. Alternately, group existing slides into modules and create a menu that lists all the modules. Use proper naming convention to match the module names with the slide group names and find your multi-module course work seamlessly.
Forced navigation
Accelerate your eLearning authoring by implementing forced navigation workflow without programming. Download a ready-to-go multistate interaction slide from the asset panel. Swap out the content. User proper naming convention to map the interaction buttons with the corresponding object states. Allow forward navigation for learners, only after all the interactions are viewed or completed.
Image swap
Fast-track your eLearning authoring by simply swapping out images in your projects in seconds. Just drag and drop images of your choice to any existing slide in your project and see the old images get replaced by the new ones.
Image and SVGs as buttons
Speed up your authoring by drastically reducing the number of steps required to use images or SVGs as buttons in your eLearning course. Adobe Captivate, now allows you to add any image or SVG to your course and directly use them as buttons. Define actions and assign them to the button in a few simple steps.
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\eLearning Assets\SampleProjects

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