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Camtasia empowers you to make amazing videos—even if you’ve never made one before. Record a video of your screen or bring in your own video footage. Then, use Camtasia’s drag-and-drop editor to easily add effects for an engaging video you can share with anyone.

Class Description

Ledet Camtasia 101 - Camtasia for eLearning and Screen Recording

In this 2-day instructor-led Camtasia training class, you’ll learn how to communicate in video with Camtasia, on either Mac or Windows.

Participants will be able to quickly create eLearning and video content for just about anything (computer software or PowerPoint presentations) and post Participants completed lessons on a web server, Learning Management System, YouTube, Video, or

Participants lessons can include videos of actions taken on Participants computer, animations, audio, quizzes and surveys.

Participants will learn to answer questions with screen recordings explaining how to use software and Web sites, post PowerPoint presentations on the Web, complete with Picture-in-Picture, for virtual learning, demonstrate features, new versions of software, Web sites and other applications, and rollout online training to the entire company, letting them learn at their own pace.

Camtasia empowers Participants to make amazing videos-even if Participants have never made one before. Record a video of Participants screen or bring in Participants own video footage. Then use Camtasia’s easy drag-and-drop editor to easily create remarkable videos Participants can share with anyone. Keep Participants audience engaged by adding eye-catching animations, music, and captions and produce high-quality video content in record time.

This class will introduce Participants to the essential Camtasia skills Participants need to know to get up and running with Camtasia as quickly as possible.

Camtasia 2020

New Features:
  • Templates
  • Export Packages
  • Favorites
  • Magnetic Track
  • Track Matte Mode

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