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The Chang School has created a series of books on web accessibility for different audiences:

Introduction to Web Accessibility   View: ePub  HTML  PDF
With raised awareness and accessibility laws emerging around the world, understanding what inclusive access to the Web means is becoming necessary knowledge for anyone who produces digital content. Much of the current information on Web accessibility requires some technical understanding, and may be difficult to consume for the average person. This book will “interpret” the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), to make it easier to understand for a general audience. You will have an opportunity to experience barriers firsthand, then experience that content with the barriers removed, developing a practical understanding of web accessibility.
Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition      View: ePub  HTML  PDF
The goal of this accessibility toolkit, 2nd edition, is to provide resources for each content creator, instructional designer, educational technologist, librarian, administrator, and teaching assistant to create a truly open textbook—one that is free and accessible for all students.
Web Accessibility for Developers   View: ePub  HTML  PDF
Web Accessibility for Developers is a technical book aimed primarily at programmers. Learn how to develop accessible interactivity on the Web and gain expertise using WAI-ARIA, a W3C specification that enables optimal use of assistive technologies, like screen readers, when navigating the Web.
Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy    View: ePub  HTML  PDF
Essential Skills for Web Developers, Content Creators, and Designers 
Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice   View: ePub  HTML  PDF
Essential Skills for Business Leaders
Understanding Document Accessibility (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)